About the Host

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My bride, Leslie Marie, and I have 5 terrific kids. I am currently the Head of School at Ridgefield Christian School in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  I am also an adjunct professor in leadership studies. I have a B.A. in Media Communications from Asbury University, a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Biblical Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. I previously served at Rejoice Christian Schools,  Midland Valley Christian Academy, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, World Renewal International, Emmaus Biblical Seminary in Haiti, and Wesley Biblical Seminary. I have been a small business entrepreneur as well as served in various roles in church planting and pastoral ministry.

As an experienced organizational/educational leader and teacher, my calling is to create environments where people can really know the story of meaning of the Bible and ultimately learn to love the right things in the right order (Augustine). Education, no matter the setting, is ultimately forming and teaching us what to love. Christian education and discipleship is all about shaping our desires and loves to be fully oriented around Jesus and the redemption of his kingdom.

I also like to help other leaders, teams, and organizations flourish by identifying who they are, why things work they way they do, and where improvements can be made that lead to a healthier, stronger organization. I bring over 20 years of experience in educational leadership and administration, organizational development, working with non-profit organizations, and small business entrepreneurship. My formal education has been in media communications and broadcast production, religion & philosophy, and organizational leadership and development. In addition to my experience in higher education, my educational background in the liberal arts and divinity coupled with interdisciplinary doctoral studies in leadership makes me uniquely situated to tap into the underlying human element of purpose, mission, and values that are the engine of any organization.

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