Biblical Insights of Leadership, part 1

Leadership is a fundamental Biblical activity. There are at least three insights from Scripture that offer a glimpse of what leadership is in the biblical perspective.

Part 1: Dominion and creativity. Man (species, not gender) was given responsibility over both the environment (Genesis 2:15) and other life (naming of animals in Genesis 2:20). Fundamental to humanity’s purpose is work, stewardship, and responsibility. This is a reflection of God’s image. These are managerial/leadership functions. Man is also made to be creative, both cognitively (decision making) and physically (sexual reproduction). Together, these two creative dimensions lead to relationships and social structure. This is also a reflection of God’s image. Dominion over place and resources combined with interpersonal relationships and group structures is the essence of all leadership. Thus, leadership derives from mankind’s creation in the image of God.