• Blessed are the Meek…Leaders

    In his piece on meekness in leadership, Mark Rutland defines meekness as “power under control”. Decades ago, E. Stanley Jones, the great Methodist missionary to India, spoke of meekness in similar fashion, often using the metaphor of a domesticated animal to illustrate controlled power. Meekness, says Rutland, can only be demonstrated in “the context of […]

  • What It Means to Preach

    What It Means to Preach

    “One of the great pleasures in life is conversation.” — Sydney Smith, 19th Century English essayist God desires to converse with His creation in personal and intimate ways. His revelation through Christ speaks to the degree of how much He wants to engage in our lives and tell us about what He created us to […]

  • Poverty and Morality

    A link between your dollars for helping the poor in Africa and the worsening of the problem? Take a look at this… London – British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Wednesday that neighbouring African countries had a responsibility to address the crisis in Zimbabwe, and suggested it could hamper his G8 goal of helping […]

  • Love, Marriage, & Sexuality

    Perhaps its self-evident that there is a direct link between a culture’s view of sexuality and the kind of marriages that culture produces. Yet we need studies such as a recent one from the sociological journal Demography to tell us things we ought to already know. Such links may be self-evident but they conviently ignored in our […]

  • KKK Preacher Found Guilty

    KKK Preacher Found Guilty

    “Edgar Ray Killen has likely seen the last of his freedom after a judge sentenced the 80-year-old former Klansman to 60 years in prison for orchestrating the slayings of three civil rights workers in 1964.” [story here…] The news of Killian’s 60 year sentence for his part in the death of the Freedom Riders 50 […]

  • Tenting  


    “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” The Apostle John My two boys could hardly wait until night fell and we got the tent set up. I had been promising them for a week that we would camp out in the backyard together–just a guy trip, Jacob told his mother. So there we […]

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