• The Easter Narrative

    The Easter Narrative

    It is interesting how the notion of unexpectedness appears through the Passion Week of Jesus’ life. He rode into town on a donkey instead of a warhorse. As a Messiah, he was not what people expected or wanted him to be. He was something altogether different. All four of the gospel accounts talk about Resurrection…

  • A Place in His World-3

    A Place in His World-3

    DESIRE THE KINGDOM – loving the right things in the right order: God, people, the world, learning, work. I believe the biblical message still works today. Get these right and the rest will fall into place for our kids’ lives because this is how God made us to live.

  • Selah: Worth the Wait

    Selah: Worth the Wait

    In ancient Israel, the word selah was used to indicate places in Psalms where the choir paused to sing a refrain. (It occurs 71 times in Psalms.) Often, selah breaks up stanzas into three sections, sometimes acting as a chorus or a benediction ending the song. One example is Psalms 24. Who shall ascend the hill of…

  • Is the Bible Myth or History?

    Is the Bible Myth or History?

    As humans we learn, think, communicate, everything we do happens through stories to the very heart of who we are. I would argue this grows out of who God. Facts are important. Information is important, but fundamental to the human experience is story.   The Bible is a story. More than half of the Bible is…

  • Junk In, Junk Out

    Junk In, Junk Out

    I dare you to watch this prayer through to its conclusion. You’ll want to quickly turn it off but don’t. (The entire clip from YouTube is further down.) This is why we need to know the Bible’s whole story as it comes to us in Scripture. The Bible’s view of the world offers great clarity,…

  • What is the Old Testament?

    What is the Old Testament?

    The Old Testament, or the Hebrew scriptures, are 39 books inspired by God that make up 75% of the Bible. These books covers the history of humanity from creation up until about 400 BC. It’s the record of mankind’s origin, how God created the world, how we came to be, what our purpose was, humanity’s…